Research and Innovation Focus

We approach all of our endeavors with a strong focus on research. Our research forms the foundation for understanding of the current state of the art, the needs of the populations we serve, and future trends. Our research leads to publication of the research itself and often paves the way for new innovations that we are able to introduce.

Our current areas of Focus include

Emerging trends in Neurofeedback
This research includes a global Neurofeedback technology roundup, review of the growing areas of applications, current state of practice, emerging business models and future opportunities.

Status: This study is currently in progress. 

Care Fountain

CareFountain is an innovation that grew out of prior research effort into understanding the health care consumer. Care Fountain’s research driven consumer engagement solution provides the ability to reach unique health care audiences based on predicted consumer and patient behaviors correlated to demographics, location, lifestyle factors and their various digital behaviors.

Our research insights combined with health care experience, analytic modeling expertise, and access to millions of data signals, helped us develop proprietary propensity models that help identify unique health care audience segments – from uninsured minorities, health conscious millennials, to populations at higher risk of certain conditions, populations with chronic conditions, Medicare recipients, etc,.Care Fountain provides the ability to reach unique health care audiences on almost any website at scale on desktops, mobile phones and tablets through banners, pre-roll video, native and mobile apps.

CareFountain and our broader marketing platform are valuable to public agencies, non-profits, health insurers, hospitals, physician practices and consumer health companies looking to digitally reach hard-to-reach populations and acquire new patients to serve.

Our unique insights informed by research made the complex process of consumer engagement simple and scalable for our constituents at the local level. The initial definition of campaigns was an area of particular difficulty we noticed that we decided to simplify and tailor to our constituents’ needs in 5 easy steps.

5 Steps to Begin 


Once they get started with this simple process, our constituents continue to have access to a fully transparent process that allows tracking results in near real time and track progress with their engagement goals.

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