Spend your time caring for patients, not looking for them


What We Do

HealthProspects is a global health care innovator that is bringing revolutionary ideas, technology, analytics and consumer engagement approaches from across different industries to help stakeholders achieve health care outcomes at scale.

With health care reform in the US triggered changes in the industry, all key participants – public health organizations, physicians, hospitals, health insurers, employers or pharmaceutical companies – are now focused on achieving better health outcomes through approaches such as Population Health Management. To do this, organizations need to strengthen their brands and engage more directly with consumers and each other starting with local communities.

HealthProspects’ research, innovative platforms and data models are built to help health care organization achieve these goals. We endeavor to illuminate underlying drivers and needs through our research and then help address them through technology partnerships and a data driven approach. Be it leveraging data for precision targeting of specific conditions or reaching health care consumers at scale, or finding novel approaches to create better clinical outcomes, we do it all.